Deposit and Balance Due
A $400.00 good faith deposit is required of all purchasers who will not take immediate possession. This deposit will be applied to the balance due and is not refundable. It maybe however, transferred to the next available kitten of the purchaser’s choice. The total balance of the kitten cost (and shipping charges) must be paid in full before taking possession of a kitten (or a kitten is shipped). A cashier’s check, money order or cash will be accepted for balance of payment. Personal checks will be accepted only as deposits.  We do not have the ability to accept credit cards.

TICA Registration Papers 
We will send the purchaser the TICA registration materials for the kitten purchased when a statement of altering has been received. A certificate of spay/neuter or an invoice statement of such from the attending veterinarian must be provided.

Responsibility of the Purchaser
The new owner agrees to provide a loving, safe and healthy environment for the Kitten. The Kitten will be maintained as a completely inside feline. It will be fed a premium food. It will be altered at an acceptable age as determined by the new owner’s veterinarian. Yearly veterinarian examinations and vaccinations should be followed. The Kitten should be kept free of parasites both internal and external.

Return Policy:
1. If for any reason Buyer decides to return the Kitten after it leaves cattery Breeder agrees to accept the Kitten within 14 days after the purchase. The purchase amount will be refunded to Buyer only after that Kitten is sold to a new buyer. Deposit amount is non-refundable. Buyer is solely responsible for any shipping expenses if the Kitten needs to be shipped back to the cattery.
2. If at any time after the first 30 days the Buyer can no longer take care of the Kitten/Cat, the Breeder agrees to accept the Kitten/Cat back without an obligation to refund the purchase price.

By submission of payment, the purchaser agrees to these terms and conditions