About us. British shorhair Cats

British shorthair Cats

TICA registered breeder in Quinlan TX

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About us. British shorhair Cats


We are a small Cattery located in Quinlan, TX. 

Our cats are not caged and have free run of the house. They are well socialized with people


Advantages of the British Shorthair cats:

1. Temperament: British Shorthair cats have a calm and balanced temperament, making them ideal companions for all age groups and family compositions.

2. Easy to care for: Their short and dense coat requires minimal grooming and they are not prone to excessive shedding.

3. Health and longevity: British Shorthair cats typically have good health and can live a long time, averaging 12-15 years or even longer.

4. Moderate activity and exercise requirements: They are not highly energetic cats and can adapt well to different lifestyles, but still benefit from regular physical activity.

5. Good socialization and value as a pet: British Shorthairs easily get along with other animals and adapt well to different household situations and conditions.

6. Appearance: This breed has a beautiful and elegant appearance with a rounded head, round eyes, and a compact body, making them charming and attractive.

Our kittens
About us. British shorhair Cats